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EMCC is cancelled!

You will be aware that cases of Corona Virus in Europe have risen significantly recently, including more cases in Malaga, with many countries now imposing tighter controls on travel and public meetings.  With this in mind, we have taken the reluctant decision to cancel our conference in Malaga.  We believe this is for the best, as we do not want to contribute to the further spread of the virus.


Please bear with us as we negotiate the cancellation with the conference centre, take stock of the costs, and process refunds.  This will take us time.

EMCC 10 – Going and Growing

Membercare EuropeThe tenth European Member Care Consultation was a runaway success with many people telling us how much they appreciated the teaching, networking and devotions.  You can read more about it on the EMCC10 page!

If you didn’t manage to join us, don’t miss out next time.  We’ll be meeting in Torremolinos, Spain from 11th – 15th March 2018.

Further thoughts on why we need Member Care

Following on from Tim Herbert’s helpful December 2014 article “What is Member Care?”, in which he underlines not only the biblical basis for Member Care, but also the fact that people need more psycho-social support the further they move away from their home environment, let’s consider another factor that demonstrates the importance of providing adequate Member Care for those involved in cross-cultural ministry. Back in 1997, the ground-breaking research in Too Valuable to Lose suggested that on a world scale, 5% of missionary personnel leave the field every year, and that 3% (representing 12,000 per year) of the attrition was deemed to be permanent, premature and preventable. That was before the turmoil we have experienced since 9/11, plus the economic crisis in recent years. My guess is that attrition rates have significantly increased since then.

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