The Perfect Storm (UK)

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Leadership vulnerabilities and how to manage them

In 1993, author Sebastian Junger was researching a book about the sinking two years before of a fishing boat in extreme weather off the east coast of the United States. In an interview, Bob Case from the National Weather Service explained to Junger that conditions became unusually intense because of the freak convergence of multiple weather events creating a “perfect” scenario for catastrophic wind waves and rain. From that conversation was born the term, “the perfect storm.”

The perfect storm for Christian leadership occurs where systemic hazards meet the vulnerabilities in a leader’s personality.  Come and learn with us about five key systemic hazards, and how they can interact with personality issues to create catastrophic outcomes. How can we as member care workers use mentoring to prevent such situations arising in mission leadership?

We will be led through these discussions by Rick Lewis, author of Mentoring Matters

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