Nikanor Training Series (UK)

Event Details

There are few spaces left in the 2020, Northern Ireland Nikanor Training Series-Module 1 seminar (NTS-1) (see attached flyer).

The NTS-1 seminar focuses on the establishment of a foundation of understanding, guiding principles, skills and tools that are indispensable to equipping you to carry out your professional, ministry, mission, or calling, effectively and efficiently.

The understanding, tools and skills the Nikanor training offers are especially practical and effective for those who are serving, or have the calling and passion to serve, in the following fields:

  • Counseling & Member Care
  • Leadership, Mentoring and Discipleship
  • Debriefing and Restoration Work
  • Trauma, Crisis and Addiction Recovery
  • The Rehabilitation of Human Trafficking and Genocide Victims
  • Marriage and Family Restoration
  • Conflict Resolution and Group Work

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