EuroTCK in Germany

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For Such a Time as This: Unlocking our Third Culture Kids’ potential today

We often stop at challenges facing our cross-cultural kids. Oh to escape the pain of grief, of loss, of not belonging. Yet there is so much more to the Third Culture than that.

Come celebrate with us the phenomenal gift of being a TCK.

Plenary speaker Michael Pollock will take us on a journey to explore what it looks like to be a thriving Third Culture Kid in today’s dynamic world. Some of the greatest European TCK advocates will discuss, create partnerships and develop practical tools in 20+ interactive, leading- edge workshops.

Expect to leave this think-tank style gathering with great hope as we unlock the advantages of growing up among worlds.

EuroTCK is a conference for all people with a heart for Third Culture Kids, whether you have TCK responsibility within your organisation or mission, or provide any form of TCK Care. Adult TCKs are more than welcome to participate.

You’ve been waiting, we have too! Join us this November 20-24, 2022 in Friolzheim, Germany. Registration opening soon!

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