OM’s People Care Courses provide people with new skills to fulfil their God given roles in people care and leadership while positively impacting their personal lives. The training is practical and relevant for individuals that serve in all facets of mission. The ministry skills that the participant acquires also helps build a strong foundation in […]

Nikanor Training Series (formerly known as A.C.T.S.) Module 1 seminar. The seminar will focus on the establishment of a foundation of understanding, guiding principles, skills and tools that are indispensable to equipping you to carry out your professional, ministry, mission, or calling, effectively and efficiently. This seminar is intended for those who are serving, or […]

Join us for practical training in counseling and member care that also lays a foundational understanding for how all Christians grow. Designed for cross-cultural workers—those who would like to develop their member care skills or develop member care within their context—this seminar offers practical psychological insights and member care and counseling techniques strongly integrated with biblical and theological […]

The Face to Face Course is a 15-day personal development course following the Lord’s invitation to “come aside with me to a quiet place”. It is for Christian workers who have been involved full time or part time in mission work or other Christian ministry for at least 2 years, and who want to develop […]

One of the significant challenges we face on a day-to-day basis is working with others, often from different cultures and with different personalities.  SYIS Workshops are designed to enhance the knowledge, attitudes and skills of Christian workers in how we relate to family, co-workers, friends as well as those from other cultures.  SYIS is highly interactive. We will […]