Would you like to enjoy some time of rest and prayer, time to simply enjoy “being” in God’s presence? Then this might be just what you are looking for! In 2018/19 I can offer you several possibilities for individually guided retreats in the Netherlands.  During the following periods the community called “Gemeenschap De Hooge Berkt” […]

Nikanor Training Series (formerly known as A.C.T.S.) Module 1 seminar. The seminar will focus on the establishment of a foundation of understanding, guiding principles, skills and tools that are indispensable to equipping you to carry out your professional, ministry, mission, or calling, effectively and efficiently. This seminar is intended for those who are serving, or […]

TRACTION is a 6-day renewal experience for men working cross-culturally.  At TRACTION, we focus on issues like – Managing stress, isolation, and opposition Reconnecting with God Cultivating the character of authentic leadership Honoring God with our sexuality Persevering with courage and trust in the face of challenges The week includes worship, teaching, debriefing and counseling, medical […]

Join us for practical training in counseling and member care that also lays a foundational understanding for how all Christians grow. Designed for cross-cultural workers—those who would like to develop their member care skills or develop member care within their context—this seminar offers practical psychological insights and member care and counseling techniques strongly integrated with biblical and theological […]

Seminar für Trägerkreisaufbau Viele Mitarbeiter christlicher Werke brauchen für ihre Arbeit Menschen, die sie finanziell, im Gebet oder auf praktische Weise unterstützen. Wie kann solch ein Trägerkreis aufgebaut und gepflegt werden? Warum fällt vielen dieser Aspekt ihres Dienstes schwer? In diesem Seminar soll es zum einen um ein biblisches Fundament für den Aufbau eines Trägerkreises […]

At A Lodging Place Cyprus  A five day Le Rucher debriefing model retreat will be held in Cyprus. This retreat will be led by Sarah Lanier, (author of Foreign to Familiar, a Guide to Hot and Cold Climate cultures). Each team member is certified by Le Rucher, France. The team members work in Member Care […]