Through life’s circumstances we can become disconnected with God, ourselves and others.  King David’s heart’ cry in the Psalms is often “Restore!”  Join us as we reflect on some key moments in the life of David when he found a restored and renewed connection. The speaker is Dr Daniel Hahn and the cost is just […]

Would you like to enjoy some time of rest and prayer, time to simply enjoy “being” in God’s presence? Then this might be just what you are looking for! Annieke van Dijk is offering individually guided retreats in the Netherlands.  For more information see the flyer, and to book, complete the attached form and email it […]

This course integrates crisis response and trauma care principles by providing you with a comprehensive overview of the field of psychological trauma and how trauma affects individuals and systems, grief reactions, and traumatic stress. You will explore such topics as post-traumatic growth, moral injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, vicarious traumatization, and complicated grief. Upon completion of […]

Loving God, your neighbour, yourself, your enemy The world seems to be increasingly polarised, with relationships characterised by animosity and divisiveness even in the church and mission. How do we embrace and foster authentically loving and sacrificial relationships in our teams and communities? Our Bible studies in Romans 12 will inform our thinking on crucial […]

OM’s People Care Courses provide people with new skills to fulfil their God given roles in people care and leadership while positively impacting their personal lives. The training is practical and relevant for individuals that serve in all facets of mission. The ministry skills that the participant acquires also helps build a strong foundation in […]