Terms and Conditions

EMCC 2022


Loving God, your neighbor, yourself and your enemy


Terms and Conditions

The conference starts on the afternoon of Monday 28th March and ends at 11.15 on Thursday 31st March. There is no option of arriving on Sunday 27th March or of staying on after the end of the conference except for speakers, planning team and those people who are taking part in the Introduction to Member Care event ON Monday 28th March. Participants in the event on Monday 28th March need to book an extra night and they are expected to arrive the previous day. Keep in mind that dinner on Sunday is not included in their fee, but breakfast and lunch on Monday are.

Conference fees
The conference fees are:

Single economy room €427,00
Single superior room €447,00
Twin economy room €367,00 per person
Twin superior room €392,00 per person

Married couples sharing a twin room receive €25,00 discount each on their booking.

Day guest full conference (Monday afternoon – Thursday morning) €287,00
Day guest introduction to MC event €30,00
Day guest (full conference and introduction to MC event) for Hungarian residents or Eastern European citizens, with local income €80,00

Staying an extra night at the hotel for the Introduction to MC event costs Twin room €75,00 or Single room €95,00 (including breakfast).

The conference fee includes a non-refundable booking fee of €25,00 which will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

What is included
The conference fee includes accommodation, conference registration and materials, and all coffee breaks and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from dinner on Monday evening to breakfast on Thursday. The fee for day guests do not include accommodation and breakfast. For guests participating in the Introduction to MC event coffee breaks and lunch is included.

Flights and transportation costs are not included in any of the conference fees.

All reservations must be made online through our booking system doo Booking. Making a reservation online does not automatically trigger the payment. After your booking has been confirmed you receive a separate email to select your prefered payment method and pay for your booking.

Cancellation policy
The board of Member Care Europe decided on 13th January that the EMCC is going ahead. It is recommended that all participants in the conference, particularly those travelling internationally, have appropriate travel insurance before they book the conference or their flights which will cover them for any losses in the event of cancellation, including their flights. Member Care Europe will not be liable for any costs.

Any conference participant who cancels their own booking, for whatever reason, prior to 20th January will forfeit the non-refundable booking fee of €25,00.

Any conference participant who cancels their own booking, for whatever reason, on or after 20th January will forfeit the entire conference fee.

Covid policy
The conference will be run in accordance with guidelines issued by the Government of Hungary. If the Government mandates any restrictions which involve, but are not limited to, wearing facemasks, admitting only people who have proof of a negative Covid test, or requiring specific daily test, these will be compulsory for all conference participants and failure to comply will result in refusal of admission to the conference. Under such circumstances, conference fees will not be refunded.

Member Care Europe also reserves the right to require the wearing of facemasks, use of sanitary gel, and temperature monitoring.

Participants will receive more information on the covid guidelines at least two weeks prior to the conference.

Force majeure
In the event that Member Care Europe should find it necessary to cancel or postpone the conference for any reason beyond their control, including but not limited to low registration, strikes, acts of nature, civil unrest, war, pandemic, terrorist acts or other circumstances beyond Member Care Europe’s control, then Member Care Europe’s liability shall be limited to refund of paid fees, less unrecoverable costs.


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