Pre-Conference event

EMCC 2022

Introduction to Member Care seminar

March 28th 2022

Harry Hoffmann, director of Global Member Care (Global Member Care Network)
Guille Eddy, director of TCK Europe (EuroTCK)

We are happy to offer a pre-conference Introduction to Member Care seminar for those who are new to Member Care, and therefore, would appreciate and benefit from a general overview of what exactly Member Care is. This interactive seminar is especially being offered for Hungarian nationals and/or other conference attendees who have either never attended an EMCC before, never heard of Member Care before, or simply wondering what Member Care is. Harry Hoffman, director of Global Member Care and Guille Eddy, director of TCK Europe and a member of the European Member Care Board, will help participants gather a better understanding of Member Care, the broader components of Member Care, why Member Care is important, and how Member Care has and continues to evolve over time. There will be ample time for discussion, questions, and answers. If you are new to Member Care, please don’t miss this opportunity!

Please note that the seminar will be in English without translation. Participants who need translation are asked to come with someone who can translate for them.

Monday, March 28th from 9:00 am-16:00 pm

To be announced. The seminar will take place in a location off-site, but near the hotel. The exact location will be communicated at least two weeks prior to the conference.

You will be able to book this additional day through the EMCC booking system. As a day guest it costs €30,00 (including coffee and lunch). When staying at the hotel for the conference and staying an extra night it costs €75,00 Twin room or €95,00 Single room. Keep in mind that you have to arrive a day early on Sunday 27th March and dinner on Sunday is not included in this fee, but breakfast, lunch and coffee on Monday are.

For Hungarian residents or Eastern European citizens, with local income, this event is already part of the full conference package for €80,00 and does not have to be booked separately through the booking system.


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