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Association Pierres Vivantes, Entrepierres – FR

Comme lieu de repos et d’accompagnement pour les personnes dans le ministère, le vieux village d’Entrepierres, près de Sisteron dans la Haute Provence (France), est un endroit paisible dans un cadre exceptionnel.  Notre équipe se fera le plaisir de vous y accueillir, soit pour un temps de repos, soit pour un temps d’accompagnement (débriefing ou autre).

Composée d’une équipe de permanents et d’associés expérimentés dans l’accueil, le débriefing et l’accompagnement spirituel et psychologique, notre association a pour but d’apporter aux personnes dans le ministère une aide ponctuelle et ciblée.  Nos services sont réservés exclusivement aux personnes engagées dans un travail missionnaire dans le monde francophone.


Ergata: Space and Grace – UK

Mark and Judith Woolley (WEC International) host an informal, supportive place of “space and grace” where workers in mission from all backgrounds can rest, retreat or recover affordably in the face of fatigue, transition or unforeseen circumstances.


Katafiyio Retreat House – CY


Katafiyio offers retreats in a beautiful setting in the countryside of Kampia, Cyprus.  A brochure can be downloaded from the website and a video is available here.

Le Rucher Ministries – FR

Debriefing and counseling are provided from a Christian, biblically-based worldview by experienced pastoral care workers.  Prayer ministry and Bible meditation are normally part of the debriefing process with the consent of those participating  We also offer training seminars in Debriefing and Crisis & Trauma Response, both at Le Rucher and on the field, as well as providing on the field team debriefing or trauma care, depending upon our availability for the period requested.

Life Impact Ministries – IT, SK

Life Impact Ministries exists to impact all nations for Christ by strengthening the vitality of Christian leaders through hosted places of skilled personalized care.

Oases hosts offer a transformative hospitality experience, providing a safe, nurturing and restorative environment where leaders can be refueled, restored and ready to return to work with fresh vigor and endurance.  Check out their Oases in Greece, Slovakia & Italy!

The Oaks Oasis – IT


The Oaks Oasis in Italy provides a peaceful setting where you can be refreshed spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. They welcome all Christian workers to come for up to ten days to experience the Lord’s peace.  Suggested Donations: Single/Couple 50€/night, Family 65€/night.  This ministry on a donations-only basis; please do not let finances keep you from taking advantage of a much-needed rest.

For reservations or inquiries please e-mail Celeste at:

One Another Ministries – UK

One Another Ministries exists to strengthen and encourage international Christian workers and their sending agencies.  We provide professional in-service training, consulting, counseling and resourcing to mission organizations and their membersat our ministry centre in central England.  When working with larger teams or groups, our staff is available to travel to the point of need.  For more information about our staff or the services we offer the mission community, visit our website.