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Katafiyio Retreat House – CY


Katafiyio offers retreats in a beautiful setting in the countryside of Kampia, Cyprus.  A brochure can be downloaded from the website and a video is available here.

La Dolce Vita Hospitality Network – Mediterranean

Gary ( has put together a list of friendly places offering overnights and vacations along the Mediterranean that are comfy, affordable and accessible for ex-pat workers. They are not necessarily Christian centers.

Be sure to email him with other places you know about.

Here’s his list at this point:

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Le Rucher Ministries – FR

Debriefing and counseling are provided from a Christian, biblically-based worldview by experienced pastoral care workers.  Prayer ministry and Bible meditation are normally part of the debriefing process with the consent of those participating  We also offer training seminars in Debriefing and Crisis & Trauma Response, both at Le Rucher and on the field, as well as providing on the field team debriefing or trauma care, depending upon our availability for the period requested.

Life Impact Ministries – IT, SK

Life Impact Ministries exists to impact all nations for Christ by strengthening the vitality of Christian leaders through hosted places of skilled personalized care.

Oases hosts offer a transformative hospitality experience, providing a safe, nurturing and restorative environment where leaders can be refueled, restored and ready to return to work with fresh vigor and endurance.  Check out their Oases in Greece, Slovakia & Italy!

Link Care – USA

Link Care is participating in the Great Commission by strengthening, equipping and counseling those who send and those who go.  The Restoration and Personal Growth Program addresses the unique needs of missionaries, pastors and Christian workers who have encountered difficulties in their fields of service. Our goal is to help Christian workers increase their effectiveness in their personal lives and ministries through restoration and personal growth. Lasting renewal and restored effectiveness come only when the Spirit of God motivates and empowers His servants in all that we do.

Link Care’s team of Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Pastoral Counselors partner together to give professional counsel and guidance for the whole person: body, soul, and spirit. Our on-campus apartments provide housing for people in the Restoration and Personal Growth Program. The length of stay varies, depending on the presenting problems and available resources. We encourage a one-month, open-ended stay that would enable additional assistance, if needed. The average stay is between 2-3 months. Over 75% of the people who come seeking help return to their ministries.

God has given Link Care a passion for helping missions and missionaries be all that God created them to be and fulfill the great task of reaching our World for Jesus. The Link Care staff is able to partner with Church Denominations, Mission Organizations and Missionaries several ways: Candidate Assessment, Consultation, Restoration and Personal Growth Program, Seminars, and our Building Skills for Member Care Seminar.

In our interdisciplinary center we combine the following eight areas:

  • Intercultural competence
  • Psychological therapy
  • Membercare experience
  • Mediation and skills of conflict management
  • Counseling and supervision abilities
  • Spiritual and theological ressources
  • Organizational development consulting
  • Coaching of CEOs, leaders and teams

Member Care Resources – NL

In the Netherlands, various organisations offer seminars, workshops and retreats for missionaries.  InTransit has seminars on re-entry, burn-out and moving abroad with a family ( and they also have a website in English (  They also provide services via video calling so that they can serve missionaries worldwide.

InToMission organises walks and workshops on cultural differences and project organisation (

Annieke van Dijk leads the ‘Space for God Days’, silent retreats for missionaries.  Go to for more information.