Our Board

Executive Committee members:

  • Renate Hauer (Germany)
  • Michelle Krauss-Wilkerson (Switzerland)
  • Rafael Nastase (Romania)

The Executive Committee takes care of day-to-day business in between the annual Board meetings, and members are elected by the board. They serve a three-year term and are eligible to serve a second term if they so wish before retiring for a year.

Board members:

  • Denmark:- Maria Kofod Techow
  • Finland: Ruut Turunen
  • France/French-speaking regions: Jonathan Ward
  • Germany: Renate Hauer
  • Italy: Mihai Lundell
  • Netherlands: Jiska Chin-A-Teh – Schuurmans
  • Norway: Reidun Haugen Dalseth
  • Portugal: Amrei Wehmeyer
  • Romania: Rafael Nastase
  • Switzerland: Michelle Krauss-Wilkerson
  • United Kingdom: Sarah Hay
  • Charley Warner
  • Appointed liaison with EuroTCK: Guille Eddy (Spain)
  • Meetings Secretary: Antje Kieviet (Netherlands)

In an attempt to be a truly representative organisation, our board members are not selected by us.  They are nominated by their national member care network, EMA or other suitable representative body wherever one exists.