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The Oaks Oasis – IT


The Oaks Oasis in Italy provides a peaceful setting where you can be refreshed spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. They welcome all Christian workers to come for up to ten days to experience the Lord’s peace.  Suggested Donations: Single/Couple 50€/night, Family 65€/night.  This ministry on a donations-only basis; please do not let finances keep you from taking advantage of a much-needed rest.

For reservations or inquiries please e-mail Celeste at:

Olive Tree Counselling – TR

Olive Tree Counseling Center in Antalya, Turkey provides counseling, crisis-response, training, and consulting services to cross-cultural personnel and organizations.  We exist to encourage, restore, and equip people so they may increasingly experience and share God’s transformation, wholeness, and peace.

One Another Ministries – UK

One Another Ministries exists to strengthen and encourage international Christian workers and their sending agencies.  We provide professional in-service training, consulting, counseling and resourcing to mission organizations and their membersat our ministry centre in central England.  When working with larger teams or groups, our staff is available to travel to the point of need.  For more information about our staff or the services we offer the mission community, visit our website.


OSCAR is a UK based online service designed to inform, advise and equip anyone involved in mission… so the website is a useful tool for all those who are responsible for, or helping, mission workers.

Specific sections that profile Member Care issues and services are: and There are other sections on Health, Children, Finance, etc. which would also prove useful to member care providers.

Penhurst Retreat Centre – UK

Penhurst has a heart for mission, and specialises in support for mission partners, cross cultural workers and full-time Christian workers from the UK and overseas. We are a member Global Connections and our staff are committed to serving the mission community in every way possible.

We offer individuals or couples an opportunity to reflect on and talk about their experiences in ministry. We believe that you are in ministry if you are actively engaged in ‘meeting people where they are and helping them to get to where God wants them to be’. We recognise that some of us are called to minster in our home countries and others are called to do this overseas.

Personal debriefing is often done over the course of two or three hours, depending on individual need. There is an opportunity to discuss the difficult and stressful parts of ministry, as well as to share positive memories.

Promised Land Complex

Promised Land Complex is an ideal place for Christians to relax and enjoy a holiday or retreat in the centre of Bulgaria.

ReCanto da Fonte (PT)

ReCanto da Fonte is a Member Care Center in Portugal with three guest rooms for pastors, missionaries, christian leaders and their families.

We offer guided retreats for rest and restoration, debriefing and counselling in Portuguese, English and German.

There is no website but for more information you can write to