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Integrating the training of new recruits with Member Care

“I can’t bear to watch, I need to leave!” This was a frequent statement from anxious moms who had brought their infants into the medical clinic where I worked as a nurse before serving overseas. Their infants were about to receive routine immunizations against childhood diseases. Though the infants received several injections throughout their early months, there were significant strides made when several of the immunizations were combined into one injection. These combined or “integrated” injections reduced trauma to the infant and the mom while accomplishing the intended purpose.

Immunizations prevent serious diseases rather than trying to cure them. Could we also not do more to prevent tragic fallout of valuable personnel by investing more in prevention? By integrating member care concepts into field training curriculum of new folks we can stretch the prevention dynamic.

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Advanced Counselling Training Series – CH/US/UK

The tools we use in our work or ministry are only as effective as our level of understanding and skill, and this seminar series offers you the opportunity to enhance your level of understanding and skill proficiency, and become truly effective instrument in the Master’s hands.

If you have the calling and passion to help others heal, grow, and experience spiritual freedom, and you want to be equipped with the tools, skills and understanding you will need to bring each person to the healing and freedom found only in Christ, then consider this two-week intensive—designed to increase your spiritual resilience, to equip you to be much more effective in your work with others, and to keep you from falling into the pitfalls and dead ends in which too many in the counseling and member care fields often finds themselves.

Module 1 Focus: This training series is intended primarily for those involved—or those who have the passion and calling to be involved—in counseling or member care work in the mission or ministry context (debriefing, crisis, trauma, transitional stress, grief work, sex-traffic and prostitution victims, prison inmates, addictions, and other counseling situations)—as well as for those in the leadership, discipleship, mentoring, community development and reconciliation work, who want to be equipped to make a real difference in the life of others.
(For more information (regarding seminar contents, credentials, endorsements, etc.) see the attached Information and Overview file or go

    FacultyDr.Paul Rodriguez, international speaker and teacher, physician, psychiatrist, therapist, addictions specialist.

Locations, Costs & Dates: (prices include cost for full room and board)

  • Christian Training Center International, Franklin, North Carolina, USA (  Dates: March 15-28, 2015 Comprehensive Cost: $700 per participant  ($1200 per participating couple)
  • YWAM Chatel, Switzerland (  Dates: April 12-25, 2015  Comprehensive Cost: CHF 700 per person (CHF 1300 per participating couple)
  • YWAM Rostrevor, Northern Ireland ( Dates: October 11-24, 2015 Comprehensive Cost:  £438 per participant

Limited Space: Due to the nature of the personalized hands-on training we offer, space is usually limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

For application form  (or any other questions): contact us at

Giving Member Care to Families

A 2-3 day seminar offered on request anywhere in Europe.  Ulirke Ernvik is a family therapist, MK and missionary who has been working at The Well International in Chiang Mai with Member Care for Families, and is now sharing her experiences and methods to Member Care providers in Europe.  She has also developed a 3-4 day debriefing retreat, a transition program for high schoolers, and a processing program that can be used at reunions for adult MKs.  For more information email In partnership with The Well International.

The Syzygy Cars

Syzygy Missions Support Network has three family-sized cars, including one 7-seater, to lend to mission workers on Home Assignment or mission-related business in the UK.  For more details follow the link above.

The Journal of Missional Practice

The Missional Network this month is launching a new resource bringing disciplined academic thinking to the world of missional practice.  This online journal is intended to be interactive, allowing the missions community to comment and feed back on the articles, or to submit their own for publication.  Contributors include Babatunde Adedibu, Graham Cray, Dominic Erdozain, Craig Van Gelder, Juan Martinez, Stefan Paas, Martin Robinson and Alan Roxburgh.

Reverse Culture Shock

It seems to me that every time I come back from a trip abroad, a new shop has opened on my local high street.  I don’t know if they wait for me to go away, in the hope that I won’t notice, but it’s a regular occurrence.  Since I travel quite frequently, this adds up to quite a turnover of stores.  Over time, the character of the high street changes, but most people wouldn’t notice, as the change is gradual and incremental.

But if I were to come back after a year or two away, the difference would be much more marked.  I would still recognise the high street, but I could clearly see it’s different.  The supermarket has changed hands (again!).  The post office has gone.  The bank has turned into a posh restaurant.  The greengrocer’s is now a charity shop.  We grieve (just a little bit) the loss.  This is a small example of what is called ‘reverse culture shock’.

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ELIM Retreats, a ministry of Barnabas International, will offer 6 renewal retreats for global workers in the States in 2015.  If you are planning a home assignment in the States in 2015, be sure to put this in your schedule first.

WHO IS SERVED? Most of the Retreats are for missionary singles or couples. However, in 2015, we will offer one Retreat for whole families that are returning to the States for home assignment.

WHERE ARE THEY HELD? In Michigan and Wisconsin. Both settings are private and exceptionally beautiful natural settings.

PURPOSE? We offer low-key but intentional times of spiritual renewal, recovery and revival for global workers. Emphasis is on spiritual formation and preventative pastoral care, rather than on formal debriefing or crisis/depth counseling.

HOW “BUSY” IS THIS RETREAT? We provide a balance between  focused opportunities to worship and  interact with the Word in small groups, with plenty of open time to rest, sleep, worship, wander and play.

COST: $80.00 per person for 5 nights, 6 days. Scholarships available.