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Single Mission

Single missionBeing single can bring massive challenges for mission workers.  Feeling lonely, isolated or misunderstood, or even being taken advantage of, can cause self-doubt, resentment and can even result in people leaving the mission field.

Edited by Dr Debbie Hawker and Rev Tim Herbert, and featuring contributions from 30 single mission workers from every continent, Single Mission  aims to encourage and equip single mission workers and help them be strong in their faith, effective in ministry, and content with their lifestyle.

Cost €10.50/£8.99 plus €7.60 postage Europe-wide.  For more information see

Neue Hoffnung – DE

Wir laden ein, in unserer Lebensgemeinschaft für eine Weile mit zu leben. Für ein bis vier Wochen zum Aufatmen oder ein bis drei Monate zur Klärung tiefer gehender Probleme und bei Erschöpfung. Wenn Sie Interesse haben, zu uns zu kommen, nehmen Sie doch Kontakt mit uns auf, so dass wir einen Termin zum Kennen lernen vereinbaren können.

The Nicanor Project


The Nicanor Project aims to effectively equip believers through imparting, equipping and training, specialising in Member Care.

The Oaks Oasis – IT


The Oaks Oasis in Italy provides a peaceful setting where you can be refreshed spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. They welcome all Christian workers to come for up to ten days to experience the Lord’s peace.  Suggested Donations: Single/Couple 50€/night, Family 65€/night.  This ministry on a donations-only basis; please do not let finances keep you from taking advantage of a much-needed rest.

For reservations or inquiries please e-mail Celeste at:

Member Care Media

The website (formerly MemCare By Radio) was launched in 2005 and averages 80-100 hits a day. It is packed with content, including the daily produced, 15-minute programs and a large archive dealing with the subjects from recruitment to retirement: encouragement, health, crisis, TCKs (Third Culture Kids), culture shock, singles, moving, debriefing, depression, stress, leadership, education, etc.

Isolation due to culture, language or religion can discourage otherwise healthy Christian expatriate workers. Missionaries and Christians on foreign business assignments all need encouragement to keep the ‘salty’ kingdom outlook on life that Jesus encouraged us to pursue.

Member Care Radio is a media ministry of TWR specially prepared for cross-cultural workers whose obedience to the Great Commission has taken them to difficult regions. As tentmakers and technology spreads around the world, Member Care Radio is also spreading its reach to encourage those whom the Lord has called to serve around the world, no matter where they live.

Olive Tree Counselling – TR

Olive Tree Counseling Center in Antalya, Turkey provides counseling, crisis-response, training, and consulting services to cross-cultural personnel and organizations.  We exist to encourage, restore, and equip people so they may increasingly experience and share God’s transformation, wholeness, and peace.

Mobile Member Care Team

Mobile Member Care Team (MMCT) is a cooperative, inter-agency service that provides training, consultation, counseling, crisis response, and referral for cross-cultural workers.

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